Remember when weblogs just used to LINK to things, no messing, end of story?

In the continued absence of my sidebar linklog, which suddenly stopped working one day for no apparent reason (I didn’t touch anything, honest), here is a link to one of the best posts from my favourite new blog of 2005. Mimi, a Brit working illegally in New York and trying to make it as a writer, has just started working as a waitress in a strip club. Her vivid, unflinching descriptions of her new life in hotpants and heels make for compelling reading. Distinct shades of Belle De Jour here, but without the distracting “real or fake” controversy that came to surround it. Meaning that, as with Belle, this probably won’t be for everyone – but I have to say that I’m gripped.

Oh, and while we’re here: Snarky commentary on vintage knitting and sewing patterns. I howled. But then snarky always goes down well with me. As you may have noticed.

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