We interrupt this mini-hiatus to bring you a special announcement.

At the risk of turning this blog into K’s East Midlands Media Diary, I thought it only right and proper to inform local readers that he can be seen on this evening’s East Midlands Today, between 18:30 and 18:55 on BBC1, talking about his business. There should also be something on the later local bulletin at 22:30.

(There was also something on the lunchtime news. I walked home to watch it/record it, but forgot my keys. Not having a terribly alert week.)

Oh yeah, the Stylus UK Singles Jukebox. This week, I get my chops round new releases from Battle, Black Rock ft Debra Andrews, Athlete, Destiny’s Child, Raw Bud vs Roni Size, The Tears, Le Tigre and Snopp Dogg/Justin Timberlake. Check the comments box for the remainder.

I’ve also created an archive of all my Stylus singles reviews to date, as it can sometimes be more interesting to read about singles once you have actually heard them for yourself…

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