K’s week.

Remember that My Week article which I wrote for the business section of the Nottingham Evening Post in February 2004?

Well, it’s K’s turn this week. Local readers: if you go out and buy a copy of today’s paper, you’ll find the article somewhere towards the middle, illustrated with a little photo. Our Journalist Friend gets round to all of us eventually.

What a pity that – no doubt for reasons of space – Our Journalist Friend saw fit to excise the final sentence from the following passage:

Managed to get home just in time for another rapid turnaround before dashing off to the Theatre Royal for an evening of delicious double entendre courtesy of Round The Horne. Arrived late and had to slip in at the rear.

Well, at least he tried.

Post-purchase update: Hmm. It’s a nice enough photo in its own way, except that Our Journalist Friend has chosen a “library shot”, taken from The Era Of The Tufts. Consequently, you can see these little dollops of hair sticking out from either side of K’s neck, giving him the appearance of having Rhodes Boyson-style Victorian Dad mutton-chop whiskers. It’s a look, I suppose…

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