Write Like A Diva: a competition for the Easter break.

Last August, Faustus M.D. hosted a marvellous “Blogalike” competition on The Search For Love In Manhattan (*), the rules of which I am about to rip off wholesale. (You may call it theft; I prefer the term “memetic”.)

Two months ago, Joe.My.God compiled an equally marvellous series of reminiscences from his readers, entitled “Gay Gayer Gayest“. Yup, I’m ripping him off too. But hopefully to amusing and diverting ends. Which is all the justification one needs, obviously.

The rules of the game are as follows. I’d like you to compose a blog posting in the style of Troubled Diva, on the subject “Gay Gayer Gayest”. In other words, I’d like you to forge a personal reminiscence, in which I tell you the story of my Gayest! Ever! moment. While you are doing this, I’ll be writing my own true reminiscence.

(Note that this won’t be the same story as the one I lazily recycled for Joe’s blog. In retrospect, it was a poor choice. That’s another reason for running the competition: to tell a better story.)

Next Friday, I shall post all of your forged stories along with my own real one, but without revealing who has written what. I shall then ask people to vote for the entry which they think is the real one, i.e. mine.

The person whose story receives the highest number of votes will win a beautiful, hand-tooled set of “Bloggers’ Disco” mix CDs, all properly track-banded and not compressed down to crappy old 128.

However, if my story receives the highest number of votes, then I get to give myself a prize.
(A nice shirt, probably. It’s been a while.)

Please e-mail your entries to mikejla at btinternet dot com.
The closing date for entries is a week today: Thursday March 31st.

You should also bear in mind that I’ll be posting your entries exactly as I receive them; I won’t proof-read or spell-check. To this end, I suggest that you DON’T write your entries in Microsoft Word, as its annoying fancy punctuation marks will be a dead giveaway. (I almost never write entries in Word, you see.)

To make things a little easier for non-bloggers who don’t speaka da Haitch Tee Hem Hell, I’ll add one more small rule: please DO NOT use any HTML formatting in your entries. No bolds, no italics, no links, no nuffink. Just good old-fashioned text.

Have fun! And have a great Easter!

(*) Faustus would like me to point out that the idea for his “Blogalike” competition was originated at Upside-down Hippopotamus (an excellent and well-written blog, which I should read more often).

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