The Troubled Diva Keep Fit Club.

So, yeah: let’s all keep fit by, er, counting things! And “thinking thin” while we’re counting them! And viewing the results on a nice little graph! And getting all competitive about it while we’re doing so! Because that will work!

If you would like to join the Troubled Diva Keep Fit Club, then please leave your daily pedometer readings in the comments box below, and I’ll do the necessaries in Excel.

Here’s how K and I have been doing so far.

Thursday March 17.

Mike – 9370 steps. Total boosted by an Early Doors drink which seamlessly morphed into a Late Late Doors, involving several lengthy treks from one end of the city centre to the other. (The Central to home: c. 2000 steps.)

K – no figure available. A night out at the opera with the Posh Crowd saw K removing his pedometer for aesthetic reasons. Well, would you match claret-and-grey with a maple-coloured corduroy suit? (You would? You don’t happen to work for Guardian Weekend, do you?)

Friday March 18.

Mike – 7946 steps.
K – 7897 steps.

Neck and neck all the way, with the lead regularly switching throughout the day. Mike’s narrow win was assisted by taking the scenic route to work, via the Park Steps (a keep fit programme in their own right), and by climbing the full 11 storeys to the office (200 steps a pop).

Saturday March 19.

Mike – 10277 steps.
K – 13415 steps.

Mike got off to a flying start by “helpfully” offering to walk down to the village shop on K’s behalf. (K usually does Saturdays, and Mike usually does Sundays.) Happily, K did not spot this patent ruse until it was too late. Bingo! 1200 extra steps!

K then regained the competitive advantage by visiting Sainsburys in Ashbourne unassisted, while Mike wrote his singles reviews for Stylus, and by preparing an elaborate three-course dinner for four while Mike skived off put the finishing touches to the article.

After the dinner guests had departed and K had retired to bed, a sneaky late night “I’ll show him” impromptu disco-cum-speed-walk to the Bloggers’ Disco playlist yielded Mike less than 2000 extra steps, before exhaustion set in.

Sunday March 20.

Mike – 12734 steps.
K – 11201 steps.

On an otherwise sedentary day, both totals were significantly bumped up by a late afternoon walk along the High Peak Trail. In almost exactly one hour, Mike clocked up around 7500 steps. Unfortunately for K, a slight pedometer slippage en route meant that valuable steps remained uncounted.

Daily averages so far.
Mike – 10082 steps. K – 10838 steps.
I’d say that was too close to call, wouldn’t you?

Reminder: to join the club, please leave your figures in the box below. I’ll make a graph available later in the week.

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