The Troubled Diva Parallel Universe Top 40.

I’m going to run this chart every Thursday, until one or more of the following things happen:

a) I stop listening to so many singles. (This is a current by-product of doing the weekly reviews for Stylus.)

b) There is no longer enough interesting stuff to fill a Top 40. (We seem to be going through a bit of an upswing at present; things will no doubt level out again sooner or later.)

c) My ever-growing interest in quote-unquote “world” music takes over entirely, thus extinguishing my interest in pop.

d) I get bored.

e) I grow up.

It’s going to work like a proper chart, with new entries, highest positions, weeks on chart, and most importantly of all, climbers. Remember them?

Chart positions will be based on the fickle ebbings and flowings of my personal taste, combined with numbers of listens and general timeliness.

Most entries will be either current or forthcoming UK singles releases, plus a few “hot” MP3s, and anything else which takes my fancy.

While some of the lower positioned singles might not be five-stars excellent, all of them will at least have some redeeming qualities. Crap singles won’t make the chart at all, no matter how many times I might have to endure them for reviewing purposes. (Goodbye 50 Cent! Goodbye Beck! Goodbye Natalie Imbruglia!)

There will be room for novelty hits (Hello G4!), and songs which I know full well that I won’t be listening to in two months’ time. (Hello Mars Volta!) Such is the ephemeral nature of pop.

This week’s new entries are shown in bold type. None of this “straight in at number one” nonsense, either. On my chart, you’re going to have to work your way up through sheer hard graft.

1. Oh My Gosh – Basement Jaxx
2. Stay With You – Lemon Jelly
3. (Is This The Way To) Amarillo – Tony Christie
4. Random – Lady Sovereign
5. My Heartbeat – Annie
6. Bring ‘Em Out – T.I.
7. Hounds Of Love – The Futureheads
8. They – Jem
9. Krafty – New Order
10. No Sleep Tonight – The Faders
11. Brown Eyes – Kano
12. Too Cold – Roots Manuva
13. 10 Dollar/Pull Up The People – M.I.A.
14. Bring It Back Again – The Earlies
15. Don’t Play Nice – Verbalicious
16. Get Right – Jennifer Lopez (featuring Fabolous)
17. Bohemian Rhapsody – G4
18. The One You Love – Rufus Wainwright
19. Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani (featuring Eve)
20. Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes – Tom Vek
21. Yeti – Caribou
22. Used To Love U – John Legend
23. Goodies (Richard X remix featuring M.I.A.) – Ciara
24. An Honest Mistake – The Bravery
25. Little Sister – Queens Of The Stone Age
26. The World’s Gone Mad – Handsome Boy Modelling School
27. Off 2 Work – Dizzee Rascal
28. Whoopsie Daisy – Terri Walker
29. Wake Me Up – Girls Aloud
30. No One Takes Your Freedom – DJ Earworm
31. The Widow – The Mars Volta
32. Vive La Difference – Portobella
33. Negotiate With Love – Rachel Stevens
34. Let Me Love You – Mario
35. Just Let Go – Fischerspooner
36. Living The Dream – Million Dead
37. Don’t Say You Love Me – Erasure
38. It Ended On An Oily Stage – British Sea Power
39. Oh Yeah – The Subways
40. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House – LCD Soundsystem

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