Singles of the year: #14

14. Blinded By The Lights – The Streets

1999: Unpretty – TLC
1994: Stay Together – Suede
1989: Say No Go – De La Soul
1984: Song To The Siren – This Mortal Coil

Because even grossly overrated and hugely disappointing albums like A Grand Don’t Come For Free can still contain a couple of tracks of such luminous brilliance that you remember why you fell so heavily for the artist in the first place. As I said very recently: The Streets’ Weak Become Heroes was my Nineties. But just as every shiny, brilliant surface has its dull, matted underside, so every Weak Becomes Heroes should have its Blinded By The Lights.

For this too was my Nineties. And just as Weak Becomes Heroes never fails to make me dewy-eyed with nostalgic fondness and a certain sense of longing (“if only…“), so Blinded By The Lights never fails to pull me up short with a shudder of sharp recall and a tangible sense of relief (“thank God…“).

Besides, there just haven’t been enough songs about being monged out on shite eckies in the UK Top 10.

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