What’s up with the Bloggies, then? (NMC)

Oh, the excitement! Oh, the frustration!

The finalists for this year’s Bloggies were announced yesterday (although in UK time, I think they were actually announced in the early hours of this morning).

Since then, I have had 13 direct referrals to this site from 2005.bloggies.com. Which would strongly suggest that Troubled Diva has – bugger me sideways! – been voted as a finalist in at least one category.

However, it is currently impossible to check this, as the site has now exceeded its bandwidth limit. Nothing’s coming up in the Google cache, either.

So, did anyone actually see the list of finalists – and if so, is Troubled Diva one of them?

Maybe I’d better start shopping for frocks.

Or maybe it’s time to hire a stylist. Someone to fend off the scrum of designers that will even now be beating a path to my door, clamouring to loan me their latest creations.

Not that any of this will change me in any way, you understand.

Update: JonnyB tells me that I’ve made the final cut in the Best Gay/Lesbian category. All I can say is that if the amazing Joe. My. God. isn’t in there too, then there will be blood. BLOOD, I tell you!

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