Singles of the year: #22

22. All Day Long I Dream About Sex – JC Chasez

1999: Beautiful Stranger – Madonna
1994: Love Is All Around – Wet Wet Wet (yeah yeah, get over it)
1989: Losing My Mind – Liza Minelli

This was first brought to my attention by Zbornak last April, when I was assembling my reader-compiled “Songs You Have To Hear” CD. It was then used as part of the backing track for my “Squint” performance piece (still available for download, and possibly my favourite piece of work on the blog last year), where its combination of full-on chorus and unexpectedly reflective middle section suited one particular part of the narrative to a tee.

To my great surprise, this then turned out to be a complete flop as a single, despite being the follow-up to a #13 hit, Some Girls (Dance With Women). I’m not even sure it even made the Top 75, and in these depressed-market days you have to make quite a serious effort of will to avoid making the Top 75. I was therefore pleased to see that at least Stuart Hydragenic hadn’t forgotten about it, singling it out for a mention in his long-awaited Best Albums Of 2004 round-up.

The Smash Hit That Never Was, then. You’ve always got to have at least one of those in your list.

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