Singles of the year: #30

30. Destroy Rock & Roll – Mylo

1999: Glamour Girl – Chicks On Speed
1994: Philadelphia – Neil Young
1989: Respect – Adeva

“…and working specifically through these individuals, for whom we call forth the Judgement of the Sacred Fire in this hour before the Throne of Almighty God: Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, David Boowy…”

…not to mention “Cyndi Looper”, heh heh. And my my: haven’t they got it in for poor old Michael Jackson, who gets called forth for Judgement twice: once by himself, and once with Paul McCartney. (Although “The Girl Is Mine” was pretty unforgivable, come to think of it.)

I particularly like the way that Culture Club becomes “Culture Club including Boy George“, though. You know: just to ram home the point. They may not have heard of the rest of the list, but they’ve certainly heard of him.

(And why Band Aid?)

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