Singles of the year: #38

38. Love Machine – Girls Aloud

1999: Eurotrash Girl – Chicks On Speed
1994: The Wild Ones – Suede
1989: Like A Prayer – Madonna

Your call’s late, big mistake. You’ve gotta hang about in limbo for as long as I take. Next time, read my mind and I’ll be good to you. We’re gift-wrapped kitty cats; we’re only turning into tigers when we gotta fight back. Let’s go, eskimo, out into the blue.

Barking mad, I tells ya. Barking mad. Fellas: you can’t say you weren’t warned. Anyhow, who cares about lyrics when you’re digging on that ker-azy rockabilly rhythm?

(Incidentally, I reckon there’s a potential bootleg mash-up to be made here. Simply add a healthy dollop of Katrina And The Waves’ Walking On Sunshine, stir, mix and serve.)

Alan Oddverse takes over the leader board. Keep those guesses coming!

Already listed:
#38 Love Machine – Girls Aloud (Alan) · #49 The Show – Girls Aloud (Paul) · #64 Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters (Chig) · #85 Matinee – Franz Ferdinand (timothy)

Not (yet?) listed:
Tits On The Radio – Scissor Sisters (Todd) · Babycakes – 3 Of A Kind (dave) · Filthy/Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters (asta) · Heartbeats – The Knife (Swish David) · I Believe In You – Kylie Minogue (Joe) · Girls (rex the dog mix) – The Prodigy (Waitrose David) · Toxic – Britney Spears (Angus) ·Trick Me – Kelis (Ben) · Common People – William Shatner & Joe Jackson (Gary F.)

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