Singles of the year: #55

55. Hot Like We – Ce’cile

Now, if I were a snarky music journo with a 10-word limit on his (cough) “capsule review”, I could say something suitably smart-arse at this juncture: Hot like we? Cold as sick, more like! (Ker-ching! Next record!) Because, let’s face it: to the passing listener, it is rather an unfortunate simile.

However, I can’t actually say anything of the sort, as Hot Like We is one scorching piece of poop: catchy-as-hell Jamaican dancehall, and hey kids, we can all relax and enjoy it with a clear conscience, because Ce’cile has publicly spoken out against homophobia in the genre!

Reminder: I’m running a competition based on this list, in which you can win a copy of my Best Of 2004 triple mix CD by successfully guessing which single is my #1 favourite of the year. One guess only per person, please. Note that if no-one comes up with the correct guess, then the prize goes to the person whose guess has ranked the most highly.

Here’s how things are looking so far:

Already listed:
#64 Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters (Chig) · #85 Matinee – Franz Ferdinand (timothy)

Not (yet?) listed:
Tits On The Radio – Scissor Sisters (Todd) · Babycakes – 3 Of A Kind (dave) · Filthy/Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters (asta) · Heartbeats – The Knife (Swish David) · I Believe In You – Kylie Minogue (Joe) · Girls (rex the dog mix) – The Prodigy (Waitrose David) · Toxic – Britney Spears (Angus) ·Love Machine – Girls Aloud (Alan) · The Show – Girls Aloud (Paul) · Trick Me – Kelis (Ben)

Disqualified, because they were mentioned in the 2003 list:
Laura – Scissor Sisters (Nigel) · Comfortably Numb – Scissor Sisters (David)
(Note to Nigel and David: because I’m feeling relaxed and lenient, I’m going to let you both try again.)

You can leave your guess in any of the comments boxes – up to and including the #2 entry, whenever it appears.

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