Singles of the year: #59

59. Let Me Kiss You – Morrissey

In a curious marketing strategy, Nancy Sinatra’s Morrissey-endorsed cover version of the same song was released as a UK single on the same day. While Nancy floundered outside the Top 40, Morrissey soared into the Top 10, with a song that – even by his own idiosyncratic standards – really can only be done true justice by its author; its characteristic cadences (“think of someone/you PHYS-ically admi-hire“) sound just plain wrong in the hands of Frank’s little girl, for all her latter-day hipsterdom.

(Note: If Nancy had done the sensible thing and released her swoonsome Jarvis Cocker collaboration Don’t Let Him Change Your Mind as a single, then it would certainly have been Top 30 in this list, and maybe even elsewhere.)

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