Singles of the year: #67 (NMC)

67. Godhopping – Dogs Die In Hot Cars

Darlings, with this hangover? I don’t think so!

A happy new year to one and all. 2004 was, well, shall we say an uneven year for this blog. (Hiatus; return; blissful “which decade is tops for pops” project (it returns in February); Belle de Jour “outing” mania; massively increased audience; hubris; stats vertigo; loss of domain name; temporary residence at Sashinka; new hyphenated domain name; fabulous guest fortnight; post-Peruvian wobbles; massively reduced audience; skeleton weekly/fortnightly service; post-Phuket serenity (I know, I know, soon come); regular service resumed; deeply fascinating series of postings about bookmark management; impossibly ambitious “best singles of 2004” project which is actually the most fun I’ve had with this place in ages.) Anyway, here’s hoping for a somewhat smoother ride in 2005.

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