Singles of the year: #85

85. Matinee – Franz Ferdinand

I like the stuff about sliding fingers inside blazers, and the bit about being on Terry Wogan, and the way that the intro makes me think of TFI Friday when it was still fresh new telly with loads of good bands on.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: there’s another competition. The first person to guess correctly which single is my personal Number One of 2004 wins a copy of my (compiled but as yet unburned) best-of-year triple mix CD. One guess only per person, please – you can leave it in any of the comments boxes attached to this list.

(So what are you going to do? Try and get your guess in early, with longer odds, or hold out until the last possible moment and risk getting beaten in the rush? Ooh, that’s a tricky strategic poser to grapple with.)

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