Singles of the year: #83

83. Somebody Told Me – The Killers

…whereas, a month or so after the Big London Clubbing Night Out (see post below), I find myself being dragged along by the Young People (well, early thirties, but it’s all relative) to a good old-fashioned Indie Disco, on a Saturday night at the Cookie Club in Nottingham. And, well, don’t all those NME guitar bands sound a whole lot better when you’re lurching around to them in a lagered/Red Bulled frenzy? (Distorted fuzzboxes and cheap booze: it’s one of life’s classic combinations.)

Except that, quelle horreur, I don’t recognise all the tracks that are played. Aiee! My powers, they are fading! And, curiously, whenever I ask one of the Young People for a track ID, it always seems to be the same band. “It’s The Killers, Mike! You must know it!” Except that I didn’t, not at all; must have missed that particular meeting. (*)

Of all their, um, hugely popular and successful hits this year, which you obviously all know and love, Somebody Told Me was the one that stood out then, and stands out now. It’s a perfect lager-frenzy record, with just that nice lyrical touch of polymorphous perversity to lift it above the fray (see also Franz Ferdinand, #87 below).

(*) Come to think of it, Razorlight and Kasabian must have been on the same agenda. Totally passed me by on the other side. Wouldn’t recognise a single note. Are they any good? They’re not really my sort of thing, are they?

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