Singles of the year: #81

81. Your Game – Will Young

Hear’say, David Sneddon, One True Voice, Alex Parks, Michelle McManus – and, unless I have severely misread the situation, Steve Brookstein before the end of January – of all the winners of the souped-up-for-the-C21st TV talent shows, only two acts have yet to run out of steam (*), and only one act could ever have been said to have any measure of true artistic control over his career. Precision-tooled mainstream pop-funk with a pleasing gospel edge, which probably sees itself as being of the Simply Red/Jamiroquai school of sleek blue-eyed soul, but which actually elevates itself well clear of such dodgy comparisons.

(*) Yes, yes, I know about Lemar – but he didn’t actually win, did he? Do stop muddying the waters.

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