Singles of the year: #78

78. Mosh – Eminem

The second track on the list that wasn’t an actual A-side, and the first not to appear in single form at all, Mosh – both the track and the gobsmacking video – was strategically released onto the Internet in advance of both Eminem’s new album and, more pertinently, the US presidential election. Squeal as America’s amoral, nihilistic bad boy acquires a new-found righteousness to fuel his anger! Thrill at the appropriation of stock protest-march sloganeering, as Eminem barks “no blood for oil” over the relentless long-march plod of the almost martial-sounding backing track!Sigh as it makes no discernible effect whatsoever upon the voting patterns of American youth! Slap yourself for daring to think otherwise, even for a second!

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