“Love your work!” (3)

Look, is nobody going to write a proper report of Saturday’s London blogmeet?

Nobody at all?

What, no great long lists of linky-love anywhere? No incomprehensible “you had to be there” in-jokes? No photos, even? (OK, apart from these four.)

My, we have matured as a community.

So, in the spirit of keeping it Old School, I’d just like to say that it was lovely to catch up with familiar faces, super to meet so many new faces, and look, I didn’t know he was there until it was all over, OK?

(There, that’s more like it. These traditions define us as a community, you know.)

Particular thanks to Sasha for a) putting me up in her spare room, b) feeding and watering me, and c) finally convincing me that yes, both Firefox (1) and del.icio.us (2) really ARE the dog’s bollocks and well worth getting into. (I can be awfully slow on the uptake sometimes.)

And no: despite a kind offer to join Eric and his mates at Heaven, I decided to leave my middle-aged bits resolutely un-shaken. This had quite a lot to do with the excesses of Friday night’s office party – which had me out boozing, noshing and bopping (1980s retro night at The Cookie Club) for seven and a half hours solid. To have attempted a second consecutive marathon of debauchery would have been to tempt providence just a little too far.

(Indeed, never have I been so grateful for an expensive Thai suntan, which covered the evidence of the previous night’s ravages remarkably effectively. You look so well, they all cooed, gratifyingly unaware of just how dog-rough I was feeling on the inside.)

On leaving the pub, I was pleased to see that someone had corrected the sign which the management had put up: UK Weblogger’s Webloggers’ Party downstairs. For if our movement stands for nothing else, let it at least stand for proper punctuation.

To those who were there: please feel free to deposit gossip and in-jokes in the comments box below.

To those who weren’t: may we crave your indulgence in this matter.

(1) Faster? Safer? Tabbed browsing? Google search box? Nifty features which you never knew you needed until you saw them? Well, why didn’t you say?

Although it’s far from perfect. No support for lengthy link titles in the “we listen” section. The dashed border lines around my “see also/trackback” boxes vanishes. Can’t search for text strings in my Blogger template window (particularly annoying). Can’t log in to view my comments in YACCS. Can’t look up domain rankings in PubSub (not that I particularlywant to, mind). And that’s just what I’ve found after a few hours of use. So I won’t be ditching Internet Explorer just yet.

(2) As you might already have noticed, I have exported the whole of my Linkrack to del.icio.us. Although it has the disadvantage of being one extra click away from the main site, and although I’m stuck with a bog-standard generic template, the amount of coding effort this will save is considerable. It should hopefully also result in my posting a good deal more links than I have been doing of late.

(3) Catchphrase of the night. You had to be there.

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