(Posted by Ben)

In Mike’s absence, I feel that it falls to one of his guests to keep regular readers up-to-date with regard to The Tufts, and I’m more than happy to shoulder this responsibility.

You might recall that on Thursday Mike alerted us to a feature which was due to appear in the following day’s Nottingham Evening Post, in which K would be bigging up the Cock & Hoop pub on High Pavement. Those of us lucky enough to be able to purchase said newspaper were promised a sighting of the aforementioned Tufts, and in colour too.

Well, when I duly bought my copy and flicked through to find the appropriate page, I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

(Lacking access to a scanner, I’m afraid I’ll just have to describe to you the photo accompanying the piece.)

K is pictured leaning on the bar, pint in hand (ale of some kind, if I’m not mistaken), beaming straight face-on at the camera, with the consequence that The Tufts are as obscured from view as they possibly could be (at the photographer’s suggestion, perhaps?).

HOWEVER, we are afforded a tantalising glimpse of some rogue hair jutting down behind the left ear and looking as though it may encroach over the shirt collar. Frustratingly, there are no other photos taken at different angles by which this suspicion could be confirmed.

More impressive than any hint of Tuftage, though, is K’s choice of tie – a marvellous dark brown number with diagonal criss-cross pattern which I can only imagine was stolen from Richard Whiteley’s wardrobe.

Incidentally, I have to commend K on his choice of pub. Though I’m not a regular, the Cock & Hoop is a fine establishment – not a swanky and pretentious bar like most of those around it, but a proper pub which nevertheless manages to be smart and stylish at the same time. Good beer, good food and lots of rich wood panelling which makes you feel like you’re in a coffin. But in a good way.

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