Je me presente

Well hello there. Apologies for my tardiness, but I gather it’s fashionable to be late these days.

Anyway, without further ado, in the words of Austin Powers, allow myself to introduce myself. I’m Ben, author of the lesser-spotted blog Silent Words Speak Loudest. A native of the North-East, I moved to Nottingham in 1997 in the pursuit of enlightenment through education, and have been resident in Robin Hood’s fair city for the last seven years, thus just about qualifying as a Local.

Ever since my own illegitimate and malformed blog offspring popped into this world coughing and spluttering nearly two years ago, Mike has been like a benevolent uncle, always on hand with a kind word or a Werther’s Original.

However, and despite being a regular reader of Troubled Diva, I must confess to being only an infrequent commenter here. For some reason, leaving a comment to one of Mike’s posts always feels like trespassing on an immaculately trimmed lawn. And now he’s only gone and left myself and my fellow Locals the keys to the manor house!

So, for the next couple of weeks, while Mike’s away in search of small bears with a penchant for marmalade sandwiches, I’ll be squatting in these palatial environs, leaving grubby fingerprints on the furniture, running up an enormous phone bill, drinking all the wine in the fridge and producing the occasional brilliantly witty post. (Though I’m less confident about being able to manage the latter.)

What fun!


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