…and we’re back. AGAIN.

Welcome back to what will henceforth be (hopefully) a stable, uninterrupted service, here at troubled HYPHEN diva dot com. Now with added hyphen. Which I can’t help think it should have had all along.

(The RSS feed is here, by the way.)

Warmest thanks to Sasha for inviting me to squat at her place for the past week; I have enjoyed it immensely. If you didn’t manage to track me down at Sashinka, then the guest posts start here, and continue upwards. These include:

So, you know, a quiet week.

Right then – it’s back to trawling through the site for broken links, and other similarly enthralling chores. (Although actually, after all the recent excitements, I’m finding the comparative banality of site maintenance strangely soothing.)

Don’t you go forgetting that hyphen, now!


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