The Summer Burn 2004.

For some tormented souls, the term “Summer Music” will conjure up lurid notions of daft Europop in naff discos; for others, the grim sceptre of Bangin Eye-Beef-A Choons may be raised. But for me, “Summer Music” has always meanst sinuous, sultry, low-slung grooves, wafting through an open window on a hot, dark, sticky night. As such, it has long been one of my very favourite musical aesthetics.

On one such night earlier in the week, I stayed up past my bedtime in order to compile my submission to the Summer Burn 2004 project, as hosted by the guys at FunJunkie.

(Simple, effective concept. Burn a summer-themed CD; send it to two random participants as selected by the organisers; receive CDs of new music from two other random particpants; hey presto, everyone’s a winner.)

Inevitably, since I seem to be congenitally unable to do anything by halves, this ended up being a 2CD compilation. Here’s the track listing. For maximum effect, do not play until after nightfall.


1. sparkle city – shuggie otis
2. back to the world – curtis mayfield
3. voz d’amor – cesaria evora
4. it’s alright now – eddie harris
5. reasons – minnie ripperton
6. strawberry letter 23 – shuggie otis
7. upside down – carol cool
8. clean up woman – betty wright
9. express yourself – charles wright & the watts 103rd street rhythm band
10. give me your love – sisters love
11. turned on to you – eighties ladies
12. be thankful for what you’ve got – one blood
13. ain’t no time fa nothing – the futures
14. moonshadow – labelle
15. easy money – dee dee sharpe gamble
16. light my fire – shirley bassey


1. want ads – the honey cone
2. expressway to your heart – margo thunder
3. how can you live without love – jean terrell
4. you got the love – rufus with chaka khan
5. a toda cuba le gusta – afro-cuban all stars
6. he venido a decirte – omara portuondo
7. who is he and what is he to you – bill withers
8. no letting go – wayne wonder
9. my sensitivity (gets in the way) – luther vandross
10. star – earth wind & fire
11. what are we gonna do about it – mercy mercy
12. annie mae – natalie cole
13. disposable society – esther phillips
14. primavera – mariza
15. solid air – john martyn
16. chelsea morning – joni mitchell
17. l-o-v-e (love) – al green
18. make me believe in you – patti jo
19. cucurrucucú paloma – caetano veloso

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