Question 6.

Zed asked:
Would you like to take up journalism as a full-time job?

Ah, pipe dreams. Well, it would depend heavily on the type of journalism.

Give me a cosy little opinion column in the second section of a “broadsheet” (can we still say that?) and I would merrily churn away at my copy until the cows came home. Give me some Cultural Artifact to dissect (gig, play, film, album, restaurant, exhibition) and I would bash out my pithy aperçus with gusto to spare.

However, give me anything in which competition was involved – scoping out a hot new story, fighting for an exclusive, pitching my wares/whoring my ass to every editor in town, schmoozing and charming and networking with anybody who might be “useful” – in short, situations in which the actual writing part of the gig would amount to no more than a fraction of the whole – and I fear I might flounder miserably. You may laugh, but self-promotion doesn’t come easily to me. No, seriously, it doesn’t.


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