Software trial.


I’ve been asked to test a rather nifty looking handwriting recognition package. This scans handwritten text; converts it into ASCII characters; formats the ASCII into HTML (applying stylesheets as necessary); and – this is the really clever bit – displays the resulting code using the original scanned handwriting.

So far, I’m quite impressed with the usability. Let me know what you think – and in particular, let me know if you spot any broken links. Ta.

I trust you enjoyed yesterday’s little seasonal diversion. I was actually torn between two ideas – the one you saw, or Rent Boy de Jour: the diary of a high class London masseur-slash-escort-slash model, and his dealings with a couple of piss-elegant middle-aged queens from Nottingham who offered him a position as their live-in house-boy-slash-cottage-gardener. But then I thought: nah, somebody’s bound to do a BdJ spoof.

You can therefore picture my shrieks of amazed delight when, just after posting at midnight last night, I decided to follow a hunch and check Diamond Geezer, that well-known stickler for punctuality. Geezer de Jour indeed! And so brilliantly conceived and executed, as well. Had I gone with the Rent Boy idea, the ensuing embarrassment would have been akin to two Oscar-nominated actresses turning up for the awards ceremony in the same frock. Or maybe I flatter myself with the conceit.

In order to execute yesterday’s daring stunt, I was obliged to make a special journey to WH Smith to buy some felt pens – only to discover that they are no longer stocked. For all I know, they might have been extinct for the past 20 years. I suddenly felt very old and very out of touch.

Instead, I had to buy a set of hideous “gel pens”, in vile non-matching colours, with horrible, scratchy, inconsistent nibs, which coat everything you write in some sort of “glitter” effect. Never have I felt more like an eight-year old girl. I’ll probably be getting excited about the Top 40 next. (Oh…)

My thanks to Emrys of, who helpfully passed my scribblings on to someone called The Handwriting Lady. Her graphological analysis makes for alarming reading. Here are some choice excerpts:

  • You have trouble making decisions, and have unpredictable mood swings.
  • You could be described like a thermometer… today warm and friendly… tomorrow distant and cold, not wanting to be close to anyone.
  • You are very blunt, candid and brutally honest. You are also very straightforward when asked your opinion. You find secrets and deceit just unnecessary. But, most people are not as revealing as you tend to be.
  • You often think of what you should have said during an argument and bring it up 30 minutes later.
  • You still have an aversion to taking too much of a risk and you’ll hedge on the side of security.
  • You HAVE a strong healthy sex drive… you just aren’t getting enough.

Colour me spooked!

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