Guest Month – it’s a wrap.

There’s a curious irony regarding Guest Month. (Four solid weeks of top quality guest postings from no less than 18 guest bloggers; what, you missed it?) You see, I’ve never personally suscribed to what I call the “NME indie band” ethos of blogging: “We just do what we do, and if anyone else happens to like it then that’s a bonus.” (Fact: sooner or later – but mainly sooner – all indie bands say this to the NME.) Don’t get me wrong here: I have nothing but admiration and respect for bloggers who operate to this principle, but it just isn’t me. The whole point of Troubled Diva is that it has an audience. Without you, as they say, I am nothing.

So, where’s the irony? The irony is this: my main motivation for hosting Guest Month was that wanted to read it. I wanted my blog to entertain me, while I was too busy to post my own content. In this respect, Guest Month is actually one of the most self-indulgent exercises I’ve ever engaged in.

But, oh! What a glorious self-indulgence it was! You guys stunned me, you really did. I took a major leap of faith in inviting every single applicant to participate, and – almost without exception (but hey, he’s only young) – you all rose to the challenge quite magnificently. If I had somehow been able to review your contributions in advance, then I would still have been delighted to have had all of you as guests. I find this quite remarkable.

I only hope that the sheer volume of postings didn’t overwhelm you all – because sometimes, it did rather feel as if Troubled Diva had become a real-time text streaming service. However, as I said to all my guests in their briefing instructions at the start of each week: here at Troubled Diva, we have always maintained a healthily maximalist, more-is-more attitude.

If you didn’t manage to keep up with the full four weeks, then let me conclude Guest Month by offering you…

The Best Of Guest Month.

I’ve loved Guest Month. Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have – and once again, thanks and respect to all who participated.

As for me: the European travel continues unabated (it’s Barcelona tonight), so postings will be spasmodic at best for the next couple of months or so. Which is frustrating, but something’s gotta give. Or perhaps I should hand over the reins to Danny full time? Yes, I dare say some of you might like that…just a little bit too much. Heh.

While we’re on the subject, just one final word about Danny. OK, two final words. Armistead Maupin. Something for the cryptic crossword fans amongst you there.

And on that teaser…see you on Thursday.

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