I’m with the band

[posted by Mac]

With all Quarsan’s talk of music and bands, it got me thinking. The Troubled Diva guest poster’s for week two need to start their own band.

We could be one of those awful Vegas lounge acts and name ourselves The Troubled Divas. We could wear a lot of velvet and say things like “You’re beautiful, people! Don’t ever change!”

Of course, I don’t really know the other guest posters. I can only take a guess at what their roles might be in such an endeavor. I am talentless when it comes to music, so my only options are groupie or the hack who plays the triangle.

Everyone else around here seems much more talented than I. I think Aunt Cyn would be the lead singer and song writer. She’s lived life. She’s seen stuff. She knows things. I imagine her lyrics would be gritty, but her voice would be buttery smooth, much like her excellent jam.

And John, well….John is the young buck among us. The reckless one. The idealist. I see him as the wild drummer type. He would be the guy who destroy the show with his scorching drum solos and then go to his hotel room and trash it due to his unexpressed angst.

That leaves Quarsan. I see him as the guitarist. He’s the guy who holds the band together and carries us all through with his exhaustive devotion to the band. He’s the one with common sense.

Am I wrong?

I have no idea where that came from…I am loopy this morning.

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