The Blogosphere – A Personal View Pt 2.

Posted by Robin. I keep forgetting to put that too.

There seem to be more witty names for blogs than for anything else on the planet apart from hairdressers. Unfortunately good catchy names are about as reliable a guide to a good read as witty salon names are a guarantee of a good haircut.

I had a cracking selection of blog names from my adventures on’s Ten Most Recent list but the powercut of last month wiped my browser’s favourites list. I had a large collection of blogs called ‘my life’ and a good few called ‘my so called life’, all with slightly different orthography. I started looking for one called ‘my so called blog’ but none turned up.

Any blogaholics among you could try Blogger’s main list. With around 5,000 blogs to choose from on any one show even the most ravenously curious should find something new.

Some shout outs.

Respect to qB for that lovely picture of the mixer tap. We have a Gribagno Custom Deluxe very like that but in chrome.

Respect to Mr D. because he obviously does crosswords and has friends and is fifty, which is a tricky treble to pull off.

Respect to Lyle for not swearing for three days now, for finding someone else to do some obscenity for him on another (v funny) page, and also for his comment (#7) here.

And lastly, respect to Nigel, a man of such scrupulous fairness that he only comes ninth in his own blog chart

Following on from Lyle’s post below. I am actually prepared to offer a prize to anyone who can explain RSS to me in one amusing paragraph. On reflection I am prepared to offer a prize to anyone who can explain it to me at all.

Lastly Adam at arpeggio has just bought Trout Mask Replica by Cap’n Beefheart and is not quite sure what to make of it. Can anyone help him?

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