Speaking as an Issue-less Adolescent

Posted by Lyle

Oh dear lord, what has Mike let himself in for? I suppose these are the risks when you get to flit off to Paris for four weeks. And thanks for the introduction, Mike. *Grin*

I’ve been thinking all weekend about what to write here – should it be more of the same old gubbins as on d4d™, or slightly more introspective and thoughtful? Or maybe a bit of both? Ah – middle ground – that’ll be the one then. Except, of course, that even taking the middle ground isn’t something I’m normally renowned for. One thing I’m not allowed to do is say f**k or c**t (and how I’m going to go a week without saying flak or chat is beyond me, it really is) because of people’s “sweary-at-work” filters. Hmmm, time for some creative obscenities? Perhaps.

I’ll admit, I’m fairly stunned that Mike would want contributions from yours truly – while not exactly a newbie to the Blogosphere® I’m still new enough to be surprised that other people apparently like the way I write. Writing for other people though, well that’s a whole different kettle of fish. With great blogging comes great responsibility, or some such gubbins.

So what will I be writing about over the next week? To be honest, you’ll have to wait and see – which is code for “*Shrug* Not a clue, guv” But I won’t let Mike down, that’s for sure.

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