Blogosphere Update: A Personal View.

Posted by Robin.

Took a small tour of the blogosphere this evening, my first for a while. Here are some thoughts.

By a strange piece of child centred synchronicity I see that the Scaryduck household has also acquired a hamster as of last Friday. My thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

The clink of glasses is stilled for once over at Uborka to be replaced by the sound of slapped backs and plaudits being handed round. If you haven’t done so already then treat yourself to a read of their Post of the Month Winner at Invisible Stranger. No, I’m not bitter.

I note the result of the latest round of Z’s Blog Idol without comment. Perhaps she’ll stop when the loss of one friend per week really starts to hurt.

Lastly I was going to say that I’m sure we all wish Peter from Naked Blog a good hol and a speedy return but he seems to be back already. And not only in the undergrowth of a TD comments box but also in full cry on open ground too. Instead I will merely urge him to feel free to use ‘outwith’ as much as he likes.

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