Laying out the virtual Welcome mat.

From tomorrow until Sunday, I will be joined by four guest bloggers – with four more to come next week, and four more the week after that, and four more the week after that. What a party we shall all have together!

This week’s guests are:

Lyle of D4D, a.k.a. Dummies For Destruction, formerly known as Destruction For Dummies (until the “For Dummies” people got shitty with him). Scrupulously well-mannered, considerate and supportive in the comments boxes of many of my favourite blogs, the sharp contrast with the wonderfully ranty, shouty Sweary Mary on his own blog never fails to tickle me.

Mr.D. of Aprosexic. A long-standing blog commenter, who guested here back in March, Mr.D. has now finally taken the plunge, setting up Aprosexic only last Friday. You might remember him as the man with the big fish. I most certainly do.

qB of Frizzy Logic – a cultural treasure-trove, which contains far more erudite content than I could ever rustle up, not to mention an ongoing series of truly fantastic photos taken from the top of London buses.

Robin Preene of everybody’s favourite new discovery – now newly migrated to Movable Type, so it clearly means business – Speaking As A Parent. Curiously – and I only realised this after I had drawn up the list – no less than three of this week’s guests are, um, blessed with issue. Will they turn Troubled Diva into one big parents’ meeting, one wonders? And will this leave Lyle cast as the stroppy adolescent?

Time alone will tell. Let the guesting commence!

(As for myself – I probably won’t be posting again until Thursday night at the earliest. You’re in their hands now.)

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