Conversation with an 11 year old.

(…or is she 12 already? They grow up so fast these days…)

When I get a bit older, I want to be a Goth. I’m going to wear loads of black … black nails, black lipstick … and I’m going to call myself … Tammy.

Tammy? That’s not a very Gothic name, is it?

(somewhat taken aback) But the singer in Evanescence is called Tammy!

[suddenly feels very old indeed]

I really like Evanescence. I’ve even got one of those … oh, what do you call those things where you only get three tracks, and they’re all the same song anyway? Oh yeah … (witheringly, dismissively)singles.

So you’re not into singles, then? What about the Top 40 – do you follow that?

(with authority) I think the Top 40 is really silly. Because there are only about 2 or 3 people in our class who buy singles, and they’re all the same sort of person anyway. What’s that CD you’re playing? Can I take a look?

[picks up Yes CD (“Fragile”) and examines booklet]

Eurgh! They’re all really ugly! (amused) Did you really listen to that stuff when you were young? Do you still like it now?

Yeah … I mean, we don’t listen to it all that often, but when we do … yeah, it still sounds good.

(firmly) I’ll always like Evanescence, and I’ll always like Good Charlotte.

Well, just you wait then. In thirty years time, you could be sitting around the dinner table with your daughter, and she might take a look at your Evanescence and Good Charlotte CDs, and she might say: “Oh, mum! Did you really like this lot? They look really stupid, and they sound awful!

[dumbfounded look – she hasn’t thought of this before]

[thinks: ha! gotcha, little girl!]

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