Goodnight Children, Everywhere.

(posted by noodle vague)

So that’s it then. What a luvverly week it’s been. I’ve learned why Hershey’s Kisses taste so rank, and where the SS took their holidays in 1939. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and reading their frabjous blogs. I’m only sorry I don’t have a picture of me stood next to a big ol’ eel to leave you with.

I’d like to give big thanks and love to Mike for allowing us to squat his luxury pad for the week. I think I’ve got all the furniture back where it came from and I’m sure that unsightly stain in the spare bedroom will come off with a bit of bleach. I’d also like to thank all of Troubled Diva’s regular readers for putting up with this pish and not throwing stuff. I’m sure normal service will be very much resumed tomorrow.

‘s been a gas. Peace out.

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