The great liver/milk experiment.

(posted by Mike, in response to noodle‘s “Organ Accumulator” posting below, using information gleaned from article FT129 on this page)

So, is anybody up for doing this?

What you need:
1. A good-sized piece of fresh liver.
2. A glass of milk.
3. A digital camera.

What you do:
1. Place liver 10-20cm (4-8in) away from the milk, on a level surface.
2. Measure the precise distance between the milk and the liver.
3. Take “before” photograph.
4. Go away and do something else for 45 minutes (no peeking – it might spoil the magic), or leave overnight.
5. Return to liver and milk.
6. Measure the new distance.
7. Take “after” photograph.
8a. If you have a weblog, post the results (including photos), and leave the link in the comments box beneath this posting.
8b. If you don’t have a weblog, e-mail me with the results and photos, and I’ll post them here.

Let’s prove this one way or the other, shall we?
This is a truly important moment for science.

Update: First (and only?) result now in!

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