Schlock an’ Eurrgh…

(posted by Mike)

Purely in the interests of research (see D’s Choc an’ Awe posting further down the page for background), I have just tasted my first ever Hersheys bar, as purchased at the lovely posh deli which I patronise every lunchtime. (“You’re such a dear little deli. Michael likes you very, very much.”)

Well, just half a bar, actually. I simply couldn’t face the rest. Jesus Freakin’ H. Christ, it was REPELLENT.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Despite the choc-snobbery on display in the Choc an’ Awe comments box, I will quite happily chow down on a nice fat slab of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, if the mood suits. But honestly, this Hersheys bar was quite the nastiest thing I have tasted since K and I tried microwaved-chips-in-a-box in a service station in the middle of nowhere, about five years ago.

And they sell this in my lovely posh deli? An outrage.

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