Can you see the real me? Can ya? Can ya?

(The Who – “The real me” from “Quadrophenia”)

(posted by Mr. D.)

As my weekend is a resolutely keyboard-free zone, this will be my last post.
(Utterly predictable sound of trumpets playing mournfully, off).

Back at the podium where I started, and blubbing with the prescient knowledge that from next Monday my input “will no longer be required, thankyou very much”, I’d once again like to thank the TD for his selfless generosity and magnanimity. (“That’s easy for you to say”. “You can say that again”. “It wasn’t and I won’t”).

The unsolicited link to the MND website was particularly appreciated by the friend who lost her father to the despicable disease.

And if this member of The Infamous Five has had real writers rotating in their crypts (like the alliteration, eh?), maybe that’s no bad thing … It’s been, as they say, a large explosion.

So before putting a face to the name, and perhaps? improving on the ? that the TD bestowed on me in his “Parallel lines” montage, I’d like you to know:

1. It was the last fish of the day.
2. It was the biggest fish of the day.
3. It was the biggest fish of my life (58lb / 26 kilos).
4. It made an inexhaustible supply of fish-cakes.
5. I do not use Grecian 2003.
6. I am not related to any Iraqi dictator, past or present.

And for the fashionistas – the suit is by “Man at Milletts” (it’s a camping shop, Faustus, M.D.)

And my real name? Rudolph Hucker. Say it quickly and remember me.

… dons scuba tank, stuffs regulator into gob and slowly submerges below the surface ….

Mr. D.


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