(posted by Mr. D.)

Those of you who’ve been kind enough to read my amateur ramblings (thank you Brandon, for your appreciation) may have noticed recurring themes of humour and music.

So in aid of a bit of fund-raising, a challenge.

Throw any girl’s name at me and I’ll come back at ya with a song which contains it.

I promise not to use Search engines or pick an easy one, or one which can’t be validated. In fact, I’ll choose the most bizarre and outlandish and if I beat you, you must donate the smallest note in your country’s currency to either the Royal National Lifeboat Institution or Motor Neurone Disease.

I won’t be fazed by, say, Frances (Lullaby for Frances, Ian Dury, on the “Do it yourself” album, or Chloe or Irene (Chloe and Goodnight Irene by the inimitable Ry Cooder, both on Chicken Skin Music). Ignore the lewd cover, it’s a beautiful album.

So come on then, if you think you’re hard enough …

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