(posted by Mr. D.)

10 years ago, I taped my favourite choons to play at my 40th birthday party. Technology having moved on apace, I repeated the exercise for the upcoming 50th by putting the Tracks Of My ManyYears on minidisk (hope bsag will be impressed.)

I narrowed the field down to 173 and not wanting to mar my beloved’s enjoyment of sit-coms like Eastenders, earned myself Headphone rash. (No, not really).

With stunning originality, I decided to record the tracks in A – Z by band name, so that the contributions randomly span the sixties up to the noughties.

Now it’s an accident of alphabet that the Sex Pistols are framed by Seal and Simon & Garfunkel, a bizarre juxtaposition that won’t go unnoticed when the stereo’s sharing its formidable output with the neighbours…

My self-imposed rule of “one band – one track” proved a real test of resolve, though I confess I did bend it by including Waters, Roger “It all makes perfect sense” alongside (metaphorically speaking) Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here”. Oh yes, and the Blockheads’ “Hit me with your rhythm stick” is nominally separated from Dury, Ian’s “I believe” from his final album “Ten more turnips from the tip” (which also provided the nodding concession to Williams, Robbie with “You’re the why”).

And Python Lee Jackson’s “In a broken dream” is only separated by a minidisk from Stewart, Rod’s “Mandolin Wind” – memories of early bedroom antics come flooding back, every time….

I got dragged by the beloved to see Stewart, Rod at Wembley Arena recently (and didn’t sit down once throughout the gig). His 6’ blonde sax player, wearing a red leather what I’m reliably informed is known as a “fanny pelmet” (British? American?) was mesmerising. And she blew a mean sax, to boot.

But I stuck to my rule with Crowded House and in honour of Tinka (who unwittingly got me here) recorded “Distant Sun” (although “Together Alone” would probably have been my personal weapon of choice).

So – 173 tracks and over 12 hours of “GOYA” music (Get Off Your Arse) to jig to.

And the Stones’ offering? No, not “Dancing with Mr. D.” from Goat’s Head Soup, but “Gimme shelter” – I don’t know why?

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