Size Matters 2.

(posted by Mr. D.)

The I.T. department that I’m seconded to had a dress-down day for Comic Relief – you know, you pay a quid not to wear a coloured rope around your neck. The ladies wore pigtails.

One of the non-English programmers (sorry, but it’s germane to the tale) entered the open plan office wearing a sweatshirt which, it later transpired, had been given to him as a present. The shirt bore a logo with a two-word legend beneath it.

After hours of innuendo and oblique remarks, he was eventually spooked into realising that all was not well (no-one tells you directly that your flies are undone, do they?).

From 3 feet away, he e-mailed me to say he’d run it through all of the Search Engines and only got “toy helicopters” and “warriors’ swords”.

I confess I laughed ‘til I cried.

Oh sorry – the logo? A large axe.

And the legend? BIG CHOPPER.

I believe it was delivered to the charity shop on his way home …

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