“That’s me in the corner…”

Apart from a brief flirtation with the Independent in the early 1990s, the same newspaper has been gracing my breakfast table since student days. So it was something of a surreal experience to see my own name staring back at me this morning, from Page 4 of the Guardian’s weekly Film and Music supplement. And also a matter of some pride that – for once! – a deserving Nottingham act should be receiving recognition in a national newspaper.

(Yes, yes, we claim Late of the Pier as one of our own, but technically they’re from Castle Donington, over the border in leafy Leicestershire.)

You can read my article here. And if it whets your appetite, you can buy the album from here or here (where it has shot up by over 15,000 places in the sales rankings since the start of the week, leading me to draw some unexpected conclusions on the enduring power of the press).

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