Nearly there now. But first, a competition…

As tomorrow marks the last instalment of the “One Post Per Day, Or Else I Turn Into A Clapped Out Has Been” project, I’d like to make it extra-special in some way. Therefore, I have decided to solicit ideas from you lot, in yet another of the interactive “community-building” stunts which have made this blog what it is today.

In the comments box, please suggest a title for tomorrow’s post. I will then select the title which appeals to me most, and will endeavour to construct some relevant words to match it.

One title per person only, please. Look, I know how over-excited some of you can get. So don’t go rushing into anything, OK?

The deadline for suggestions is tomorrow (Saturday) at 13:00 (UK time).

HANDY HINT: To save any wasted effort on your part, here are some examples of what not to suggest.

  • “Are those curtains machine-washable?” – my most embarrassing sexual experience.
  • “Shit for brains!” – the 10 most useless prats that I have ever worked with.
  • “Automatics or gearboxes?” – a comparative study.
  • “Man of the match!” – my greatest sporting achievement.
  • “How did you get that texture into your dumplings?” – my most memorable culinary triumph.

Got the idea? OK, pitch!

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