Rachel’s Eurovision drinking game.

Rachel From North London has swung by in my comments, to post details of the Eurovision drinking game which she and her friends will be playing on Saturday night. Her uncannily prescient list of “characteristics”, upon whose appearance contestants will be obliged to take a drink, deserves a wider audience.

Wind machine
Gypsy Violins
Inadvertent nipple flashing
Peasant on stage
Flag waving
Bondage/fetish wear
Wet-look hair
Ambivalent sexuality/gender
Random percussion
Guitar solo
Over-use of crotch
Sudeden tempo change ie from ballad to hard rock
High kicks
Formation dancing
Bizarre ‘ethnic’ dancing
Removal of items of clothing (inc. hats). Bonus points for skirts.
Back flips

All I can say is: Rachel, you and your mates will be thoroughly sloshed before the interval act. Enjoy!

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