Mini-meets in London and Manchester.

1. London, Wednesday April 19th.

If anyone reading this fancies joining me and, um, someone else from my blogroll (how mysterious) for a post-Easter, pre-Civil Partnership, possible-last-full-week-in-London (yeah, RIGHT) drink next Wednesday, then we’ll be in the Duke of Argyll pub on Brewer Street in Soho, from I-dunno-about-seven-I-guess to God-is-it-chucking-out-time-already. The Duke of Argyll is a pleasant and fairly traditional Samuel Smith’s pub, with non-excessive volume levels and plenty of room to spread out. Or at least it was on the one occasion I visited it. Hope you can join us, London readers. Hey, why not “pencil it in”?

The official TD London Mini-Meet After Party will then take place – where else on a Wednesday? – at the White Swan on Commercial Road, just down from Limehouse DLR station, where a selection of very drunk young men will be taking all their clothes off for cash, in a respectful, nurturing and mutually supportive environment. “Show” time typically runs from just after midnight, until just before half past one. Yes, they do spin it out a bit.

2. Manchester, Saturday April 22nd.

Calling all Mancs! Calling all Mancs! Now that the location for my quote-unquote “stag” night (oh, how I cringe at the mention of that word) has been confirmed as Manchester, it would jolly things up no end if the four of us (myself, Alan @ Reluctant Nomad, Chig @ World Of Chig and JP @ Argy Bargey) were to hook up with some of you lot, at some stage during the course of the long, long, LONG evening/night/morning.

Most venues have yet to be decided (and comment-box input would be welcomed), but the general “arc” of the evening could potentially read something like this:

1. Sparkly, giggly, ever-so-slightly vulgar cocktail joint.

2. Somewhere to eat, which won’t cost the earth and take all night. Ideally not much more than an hour or so. “Destination” dining be damned.

3. Civilised pub for grown-ups, with seating and non-excessive volume, preferably a little Bohemian around the edges.

4. Shrill, noisy, nipple-to-nipple gay bar.

5. Another shrill, noisy, nipple-to-nipple gay bar.

6. Hey, have we got time for another…? At this stage, it will probably be touch and go. Hmm, I know a few places in London like that.

7. The Essential club. Or Club Essential. Or maybe just Essential. I don’t know, I’m not local. But hey, where else were we ever going to end up? Flitting, flapping, flirting, frugging, hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care, going “for a bit of a wander”, talking bollocks to friends and even bollocksier bollocks to strangers, rinse and repeat until the break of dawn. Lovely.

And lovelier still if you – yes, YOU – could join us.

(Clare “Boob Pencil” Sudbery to comments box in FIVE… FOUR… THREE… TWO… GO!)

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