Post of the Week: Week 10 results, and a hiatus.

Some weeks, you just know what the result is going to be. This was one of those weeks: a landslide win, with our Post Of The Week scoring 14 points out of a maximum 15. As one judge said:

A well-researched post which skewers the current fanatic obssessions of Muslim extremists with humour and intelligence, with several delicious sideswipes at the Saudi royal family. It’s topical, educational and funny.

As another said:

This posting has it all: good writing, ridicule of oppressive rulers, ridicule of religious fundamentalism, and relevance to a Scandinavian like me.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. Post Of The Week #10 is hereby awarded to:

The Religious Policeman: A Memo.

Thanks to Looby and Martin R for helping out with the judging, and thanks to Gert for alerting me to the post in the first place.

Alas, it is now time to bid a fond “Au revoir” to Post Of The Week, which goes into indefinite hiatus from today. The reason is a practical one: as I shall be working full-time in London for the next four weeks at least, there will be precious little spare time to perform the necessary administration during the week, and equally little spare time to oversee the judging process at the weekends.

Au revoir, Post Of The Week. You’ve been educational. Let’s look back at your best bits, shall we?

Update 1: Mind you, if Post Of The Week was still running, then this would stand a good chance of winning it.

Update 2: If you’d like to take over the Post Of The Week franchise, then e-mail me.

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