New Year’s Resolution.

I’ve left my New Year’s Resolution for 2006 in somebody else’s comments box, but asterisked out for the time being. If I manage to keep the resolution, then I shall remove the asterisks in twelve months’ time.

No guessing games (*), no prizes, no mugs. (Except me in January 2007, if I prove to have failed in my mission.)

Ooh, ooh! Hold up a minute!

I was going to end the post there, but I’ve just had an exciting motivational idea – and in the grand tradition of daft Troubled Diva stunts down the years, I intend to implement it without a moment’s pause for thought.

If, on January 1st 2007, I have failed to keep my resolution, then I shall send lovely hand-tooled Troubled Diva coffee mugs to everyone who makes themselves known in my comments box during the day.

But if I succeed, then you leave with nothing.

So, it’s a sort of half-baked metaphor slash clunkingly obvious play on the word “mug”, except that the metaphor rather falls down at the point of potential mass mug shipment, because why should my failing to keep a New Year’s Resolution turn any of my readers into, yes, quite. Sheer brilliance, or what?

Wish me luck, then. Oh, and may I be the very last person in the blogosphere to wish you all a Happy New Year.

(*) I mean it. No guessing games, please. And that includes the small number of you with more of an inkling than most.

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