Stop your worrying you schmuk, John’s here! Thank God.

Posted by John

Bloody hell, what with apparently demented old aunties, some Q Magazine wannabe and a fallen cheerleader (the worst kind), I can see that my debut around here is most timely… Better late than never, I say! It’s time for John to bring some o’ the ole’ razzle dazzle to Trub Div’s site! I expect you’ve had a little trouble containing your excitement at seeing my first guest post, so I’ll give you a little chance to go get a new Tena Lady pad to replace your now urine-sodden one….



Better now? I thought so!

I have a friend visiting from Holland so spare time has been short on the ground. She’s leaving tomorrow though, so posting will increase in frequency from then on.

Until that exciting hour, I’ll leave you a link to a favourite site of mine. It’s where I take my coolness lead from.

In all seriousness, I’m loving the other guest bloggers. I feel weirdly young and silly in the light of their not inconsiderate blog experience. Hopefully I can learn from them.

See y’all tomorrow!

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