All these playlists will open in Spotify. The software is only available in certain countries.

UK Top 100.
The current UK singles chart, from top to bottom. I keep this updated most weeks.

Albums I own – current.
Recent CD purchases (i.e. within the last year or so).

Miketd’s tracks of 2010 (in ascending preference).
Seventy tracks in all. The full list is blogged here.

Kevin Ayers: ILM Best Of.
A virtual 2CD career retrospective, chronologically ordered, which I put together as part of a collaborative project on ILM.

Amanda Lear to Aretha Franklin.
162 tracks, sequenced by following Spotify’s “related artist” feature and seeing where the journey took me.

Going Back Home: a UK pub rock sampler.
A longer version of the playlist which I appended to my Guardian piece on Dr Feelgood and pub rock’s influence on punk.

Hot sticky July evening mix.
48 tracks, compiled “as live” over four hours in real time. One of my all-time favourite playlists.

Rough Guide to Stiff Records.
Again, I put this together for ILM’s benefit. And now for yours too.

Stylus 100 singles.
Towards the end of 2009, I took part in The Stylus Decade. This is a playlist of their 100 favourite tracks of the Noughties, in ascending order.

Troubled Diva March 09.
Still worth playing!

Best Beatles Covers Ever!!!
Another ILM-derived effort. 85 tracks.

Monthly retro hits.
Songs that were UK hit singles in each respective month; one hit per year; chronologically arranged.
Hits of January.
Hits of February.
Hits of March.
Hits of April.
Hits of May.
Hits of June.
Hits of July.
Hits of August.
Hits of September.
Hits of October.
Hits of November.
Hits of December.

Best of year cassettes, 1990-1999.
Recreated from the orginal tapes, which I circulated to friends every Christmas through the Nineties.
Best of 1990.
Best of 1991.
Best of 1992.
Best of 1993.
Best of 1994.
Best of 1995.
Best of 1996.
Best of 1997.
Best of 1998.
Best of 1999.

Convergance 1990.
We held an epic house party in early 1990. This is what we danced to, as recreated from the original C90s.

Trash Boudoir.
Eighties gay disco tackarama. I was THERE, man. I KNEW.

Troubled Diva Old Curiosity Box.
As posted to my old blog between 2002 and 2003. A treat for those who remember the golden years.

Eurodance covers of rock classics.
This playlist accompanied my Guardian feature on the topic.


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