Nice while it lasted (see update)

I am finding WordPress’s relaxed attitude to post titles very liberating, in an Autumn 2001 kind of way.

Update: This would be fine and dandy, were it not for a bothersome glitch in WordPress: namely that comments left on posts without titles can’t be directly accessed via the “recent comments” widget on the sidebar. Oh well. We can’t ever go back, can we?


There’s no escape from a Tangerine Dream.

I have a Tumblr, but I don’t use it much. Yesterday, I posted this photo to my Tumblr account, which I spotted on an ILM thread (“Vintage seventies (or sixties and eighties) magazine ads for albums”). For the first time since I started using Tumblr, the photo then got picked up and re-blogged all over the place. (N.B. This is how Tumblr works. Everybody re-blogs everybody else, and the culture permits it).

Anyhow, for those who don’t do Tumblr (which is most of you), here’s the photo once again.

(P.S. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place on the web where everybody put ALL their stuff, rather than spreading it around various blogging systems and social networking platforms? This is kind of why I seem to be blogging again. I just want everything in one place!)

I Hate Change.

Welcome to my new blogging abode, hosted by WordPress. I didn’t want to move, but Blogger’s imminent withdrawal of support for publishing via FTP has forced my hand – added to which, my comments provider (Haloscan) has just shut up shop.

So here I am: newly WordPress-enabled, and already missing the reassuring familarity of my old template. That said, who ever looks at the front pages of blogs these days? The RSS reader is king, after all.

As for my old blog, which has served me well for over eight years, it won’t be moving anywhere in a hurry. And please don’t forget my “professional” blog, which I continue to use as a repository for published articles.

I can’t promise a return to regular blogging service – but stranger things have happened. Best subscribe to the feed and see what develops, eh?