Which Decade Is Tops For Pops: Volume II, A New Decade.

Well, I do hope you’re all enjoying New Look Troubled Diva so far! But if I can just step in and quell the madness for a second: “Which Decade Is Tops For Pops?” has just made its debut at its new home at Freaky Trigger, now with six decades to place under our collective microscope. All previous running totals from 2003 to 2009 have duly been reset to zero, as the game begins again.

Please join me!

3 thoughts on “Which Decade Is Tops For Pops: Volume II, A New Decade.”

  1. I love this topic and will come back later to see how things are developing, but right now I’m feeling rather scared and shocked…

    The reason why?

    As you’ve pointed out, there are six whole decades between (and including) 1060 – 2010.

    Which although I was just born at the later end of the first decade has made me realize that I’ve lived through six decades, and I’m suddenly feeling incredibly old…


    Pass the botox, please!

  2. Hello Mike. It’s been a long time since I’ve given you a look. I see you’ve lost your blogging momentum too.

    Remember us? Jeff and Janice from Main Street USA? I think we both approached 40 around the same time, which would put you around 50 now (I’m 51).

    Hope you and K are still well.


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