Which Decade: Cumulative scores, after five years.

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And finally, here are the scores which matter the most. At the top of the table, the 1960s take over the lead from the 1970s, by the most slender of margins. At the bottom of the table, the 2000s increase their lead over the 1990s – but with a 26 point gap between third and fourth place, the 2000s face an almost impossible struggle.

1 (2) The 1960s – 168 points.
2 (1) The 1970s – 166 points.
3 (3) The 1980s – 159 points.
4 (4) The 2000s – 133 points.
5 (5) The 1990s – 125 points.

With two more years of the Which Decade still to run, I’m predicting an upswing for the 1970s – especially when we reach 1979, one of the greatest years ever for chart pop. (Generational bias, you say?) Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of fight left in the 1960s, and who knows what as yet undreamed of heights the 2000s might reach? As for the 1980s and 1990s, it’s going to be very much down to the luck of the draw, combined with your tolerance for commercial dance and the collective works of Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

Thanks to all who have voted, and particularly to all those who have left comments along the way: Adrian, Alan, Amanda, asta, Ben, betty, Chig, chris, Clare, David, diamond geezer, Dymbel, Geoff, Gert, Hedgie, jeff w, jo, JonnyB, Koen, Lionel d’Lion, loomer, Lyle, Marcos, NiC, Oliver, Pam, robert, robin, Sarah, Simon C, Simon & The City, Stereoboard, SwissToni, TGI Paul, Will and z. Why, you’ve been quite the little community. Thank you also for playing so nicely, and not getting all het up like some other online music forums I could mention. As always, a selection of your comments has been appended to the respective final scores for all 50 of this year’s songs.

For the hardcore stats-geeks among you – and don’t roll your eyes, I’ve had requestshere’s the spreadsheet which I’ve been using to collate this year’s scores. (Is that OK for you, Clare?)

Join me next February, as our glorious mission enters its sixth year, bringing us ever closer to finding the answer to that eternal question: Which Decade Is Tops For Pops?

We now return you to your regular scheduled programming.

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